Juliet's Balcony | wax melts

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O Romeo, O Romeo! Wherefore art thou Romeo? Scented with lily, lilac, rose and hyacinth our JULIET'S BALCONY wax melts fills every space with the aroma of a lush, blooming balcony garden.

Instructions: Place one wax melt on the top of an oil burner. Light an unscented tea light candle and place in the bottom of the burner, making sure the flame sits directly underneath the wax melt. As it heats, the wax will melt and release its fragrance.

Product specifications:
70g (6 x Wax Melts)
All Nook & Burrow wax melts are made with natural soy wax and essential oils. Scents waft subtly and distinctly throughout their surroundings, creating a pleasant and delicious aroma. Colour & scent may vary from wax melt to wax melt as all are hand poured and dependent on the reaction of the materials.

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